Facilities Engineering & Consulting

The Process and Facilities Consultancy Group offers a wide-range of services to the oil and gas production and processing industry across all relevant disciplines. Assignments range from ad-hoc specialist support to large projects. PROSOL has the breadth and depth of experience to meet diverse client requirements. Services provided include: Feasibility Studies; Conceptual Engineering; Concept Selection Workshops; Engineering & Design Definition; Flow Assurance;  Process Modelling; Process Selection; Technology Assessment; Design Verification/Peer Reviews; Operational Troubleshooting; Production Optimization; Debottlenecking.

Optimization of an asset's value requires careful planning and analysis in the early stages of a new development. This is particularly true for small, remote or deepwater fields, and requires effective management of risks and uncertainty to prevent costly repairs to previous work.   Granherne's field development advisors specialize in managing uncertainty by working with our clients to:  

• Integrate the disciplines of subsurface modeling, surface facility design and business analysis  

• Optimize phasing of facilities to minimize upfront costs  

• Apply consistent analysis and justification to support a stage gate process  

• Provide program management  

To accelerate analysis of potential development scenarios and quickly determine the most ideal options to pursue, PROSOL's process includes a multidisciplinary, concept-screening workshop. Our experience has proven that a highly focused workshop in the evaluation, appraisal or selection stages of development is a cost-effective way to identify available options, quantify value and make a selection.  

• Feasibility and screening studies – Greenfield & Brownfield 

• Conceptual designs 

• Debottlenecking/capacity upgrade studies 

• Process technology studies •Subsea and downhole processing system evaluations 

• Facilities engineering

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